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Something About the Light

Tracey Read has spend a large part of the last decade focusing on her band 'The Wine-Dark Sea' who play regularly on the Perth music scene and have released an EP,  'Stories Better Never Told' in 2011. The band began recording the yet to be released, 'We All Come In On Stars' LP in 2012, some hiccups have kept the recording in limbo, but they have their sights set on releasing the album in 2020.

'Something About the Light' evolved after a song writing drought that left the singer/songwriter looking for a fresh new perspective. Teaming up Perth musician Hugh Jennings, Tracey wrote the album as they recorded it from mid 2018 - to late 2019. 

Fuelled mainly by bourbon and conversation, the album evolved as Tracey's simple, heartfelt song writing was complimented by the skilled intuitiveness of Hugh's instrumentation and harmonies.


Due for release on the 9th of November, at The Bassendean Hotel, followed by a brief Eastern States tour in January of 2020

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